About publead.net

We help life science professionals find and evaluate leads, potential customers and the right stakeholders worldwide.

The internet based platform publead.net contains the aggregated relevant information of millions of scientific publications from leading literature, research funding and other data bases. publead.net is empowered by a semantic machine-learning architecture.

Over 9 million biomedical experts are profiled to let life science professional find and evaluate leads, potential customers and the right stakeholders worldwide. Our system will help you to understand the experts' research activities and explore their collaborations.

publead.net was designed and developed by professionals with extensive experience in the pharmaceutical and life science industry and in close collaboration with one of the world’s leading biotechnology, instrument and cell-therapy company to create a unique service tailored to practical business needs.

A modern web interface allow intuitive and easy access to the complex data from any device.

Our open architecture allows the further customization towards additional business needs or direct data integration into existing systems.

Core features

  • Find and target leads and potential customers
    for your products or research areas of interest.

  • Identify relevant stakeholders, investigators, opinion leaders and rising stars
    within seconds, worldwide in any research area of interest.

  • Filter, sort and prioritize experts
    based on relevance, geographical location, scientific impact, detailed expert characteristics, grant funding and other important parameters.

  • Evaluate and compare experts
    through profiles containing all publications, grant funding, competitor collaborations and much more.

  • Start efficient network marketing
    Talk to the colleagues of a good customer, filter and drill down the network of a customer and generate network lists.

  • Expand and enrich your existing contacts
    by identifying additional contacts with profile similarity or enrich the data of already existing contacts for segmentation, scoring and nurturing.

  • Increase your operational sales efficiency
    and work iteratively by accessing global data sources in one single integrated view.

  • Find the most important literature for you products
    and automatically integrate them for references on your product website.

  • Export the data to Microsoft Excel
    and share projects with your colleagues or do a full integration with your internal platforms such as your CRM or e-marketing automation platforms (REST/JSON, XML).

  • Evaluate entire markets and sales territories
    to put enough sales power in the right area and evaluate the performance of your salespeople along the concrete sales potential.

  • Project results on maps
    create world or country maps with your sold products or highest sales potential.

Main use cases

  • How can we generate a lead pipeline for our new flow cytometer?

  • How can we focus our sales reps on those customers with the highest life time value?

  • How can we access customers from our competitor products e.g. for our "trade in your old machine and buy a new one" offer?

  • Which investigators are the best fit to run our upcoming trials based on relevant target knowledge?

  • Which academic research centers and affiliated researchers should we prioritize in the Germany?

  • Which experts should we add to our scientific advisory board in the dermatitis space?

  • Which opinion leaders in the flow cytometry space should we engage globally?

  • Which experts are most likely to be early adopters of our upcoming cell therapy product?

Main data

  • 27.3 Mio. publications

  • 90,000 new publications per month

  • 9.1 Mio. unique authors